Man Cashing In Pennies He Collected For 45 Years Is Speechless At What The Bank Says

Pennies are probably the most neglected type of money as it provides the lowest value of american currency and people just don’t really mind the pennies that can be found around their house.

In fact, it actually costs more money to make a single penny as compared to its value. The United States lost approximately $55 Million in the production of pennies back in 2013.

While there are others who keep penny jars inside their home, Otha Anders of Louisiana was taking that practice to an entirely different level when he saved his pennies for 45 years!

Although he knows that what he saves up may not be worth so much, he is also aware of the fact that after a significantly long time, his savings will be worth it.


All those years, he managed to fill-up over a dozen of five gallon containers with pennies. His “savings” was starting to take space inside their home so he decided it’s time to cash it in so he started carting the pennies to the bank.

It initially took the bank 5 long hours to count Otha’s savings but he was more shocked when they told him the value of his savings.

One could possibly imagine that Otha is really proud of being able to be thrifty for all those years. It sure took a lot of commitment and self restraint.


Seeing the accumulated pennies that Otha managed to save, one could say that he sure could get a hefty pay-out but no one could make a rough estimate as to how much could he really get – until the bank told him that his pennies reached an amount of $5,136.14.

Watch the whole video below: