Man who slept for 24 hours and visited heaven is now using FACEBOOK LIVE while curing people

In developing provinces in the Philippines, it is a common practice that when a person is diagnosed with a rare kind of disease or illness, he is said to be a victim of sorcery. It is usually a product of vengeance from people they have wronged and is seeking revenge in desperate ways.

These people then resort to making their illness checked by a ‘manggagamot’ (a Filipino term for quack doctors). The ‘manggagamot’ then tries to find out what is wrong with the patient and makes an effort to cure him by performing chants or dances.

But, it seems that ‘manggagamots’ have also taken a leap with the current trend in technology.

Meet Arturo Salon, a supposed ‘manggagamot’ who could cure diseases via Facebook Live. His daughter even uploads videos of Arturo’s actual curing process for his patients.

He can even cure people without seeing them in person. As a matter of fact, a few of his clients are from abroad.

Vita, one of Arturo’s patients whose location is in America, tried to make a consultation with the ‘manggagamot’.

The process works this way: a relative of the patient will be put under a spell by Arturo through the use of rosary and an amulet. In this way, he can communicate with the ‘evil spirits’ that are responsible for the illness of the patient.

According to Vita, after the process, she could no longer feel the pain on the tip of her fingers and on her thighs.

In an interview, Arturo said that he discovered his skill when he experienced being under a spell of an evil spirit. He said that he could feel unbearable pain all over his body and that his head felt like it was turning around like a clock.

Then, he had a dream that he was in heaven and someone called upon him saying that he will battle against someone with extreme powers. All he had to do is pray before going through the battle.

According to his family, he was asleep for a day and they could not bear to touch him because his temperature was so hot and it would seem like electrical current is flowing in his body.

After what happened to him, he started being a ‘manggagamot’.

Priscilla Benedicto, another patient of Arturo suffered from enlargement of tummy eventhough she is not pregnant. He was checked by a doctor and it was found out that he was suffering from pelvic abdominal mass.

But her mom insisted that it is a product of sorcery, that is why they came to the aid of Arturo.

After Arturo performed his procedures in curing a patient, Priscilla allegedly felt better.

Various sectors have expressed their opinion regarding Arturo’s way of curing his patients. At the end of the day what is more important is still our belief in God, that he has a better plan than what we have for ourselves.

Source: GMA News