This man’s “healing power” is very popular on social media! Could this be the latest health trend?

Whenever we feel pain or any illness, we usually see a doctor and have a medical check up to know what is wrong with our health. However, there are some people, most especially those who are in rural areas who seeks medical aid only from one person who they called “albularyo.”

An “albularyo” is believed to have magical healing powers vested in him/her by a higher being and uses those gifts to help their patient to overcome illness.

Having said that, it seems like a new “healing” trend is being discovered and videos of the said rituals are now circulating all over the various social media sites. The video shows a man who is believed to be an “albularyo” doing some weird massages to his patience, more specifically the female ones.

At first it seems that the guy knows what he is doing as he carefully massage the patient, moments after you can clearly see the guy putting his hands to body part where it shouldn’t be put, as you can see on the videos we provided above.

Many netizens were disturbed by the man’s way of healing, as many are claiming that the man is just being pervy and uses his so called “healing” to execute his perverted plans.¬†Whoever this guy is, he is really taking over the social media world by storm due to the new so called “healing” trend he created.

Several videos are also spreading on social media, but we can’t confirm if it’s the same guy or not. However, he is also as good as the other one basing on how he puts his hands to his female patients’ private parts. See the videos we provided below.

We can’t really tell you what this is, but one thing’s for sure. The patients were completely clueless on what really is happening and still managed to smile despite of being molested.

What can you say about this? Should this kind of people be held responsible for their perverted actions?