Maria Sofia “Love” Sanchez posts public apology, gives revenge list to friends for putting her down

Maria Sofia “Love” Sanchez was first known in 2015. On her videos, she utters one-liners — “Para sa ekonomiya!” “Pak!” “Ituloy ang modeling!” — that may not necessarily make sense, but have anyway become something of a battlecry or a buzzword for chika people in-the-know.

Admit it or yes, we all have used her one-liners either for joking around, or simply just to have something to say.

Recently, Maria Sofia Love has been on the spotlight once again after her disgusting video where she can be seen ‘dirty dancing’ to the tune of Lupang Hinirang, the Philippine national anthem went viral.

She gained negative reactions from Filipinos, especially form her fellow members of the LGBT community.

She was even threatened to be a Persona Non Grata in the Philippines.

Sanchez was also quick to make a move, she uploaded a video containing her apologies to the Filipino People for the her indecent behavior.

In a series of videos that she posted, she said that she is willing to face all the consequences of her actions.

But, what she cannot bear to forgive is what her supposed ‘friends’ have done to her.

In fact, she made a short ‘Revenge List’. This list includes the people who, according to her have let her down instead of supporting her during the controversy that she is facing.

Two of her friends who were listed in this list are Miss International Queen 2006 1st Runner Up Patricia Montecarlo and  LGBT Advocate and Government Servant Dindi Tan