Mariel Rodriguez Padilla gets emotional for the surprise of 5 Yayas on Mothers Day

In life, we are all looking for real love and companionship. Sometimes, people who are indeed true to us are those who never leave and just stay on our side no matter what. And, it is something to be thankful of. This viral narrative story of how Ms. Mariel and Mr. Robin Padilla’s daughter, baby Isabella, is a very lucky girl not only because of her parents but also of having these 5 yayas on their family.

The story of Ms. Mariel’s very sensitive pregnancy and her multiple miscarriages are not ‘new’ to most of the fans. In fact, when she was a co-host in Showtime, most of the hosts their and even the madlang pipol were moved by her hardships, mostly in bearing a child.

According to the post of Trending News Portal, since baby Isabella came into the world, Ms. Mariel and Mr. Robin Padilla became more caring and sensitive in providing all her wants and needs. They even made a hot trending topic on social media when Mariel posted a fancy and expensive crib that their beloved daughter Isabella will use. And in order to impart all the love she needs, the lovely couple even hired 5 yayas or nannies to help them raise their angel.

Mariel even posted her heartfelt gratitude to her daughter’s nannies in instagram for organizing a Mother’s Day surprise for her in their humble home. Mariel was so overwhelmed that she thanked them all, mentioning their names on her post.

In the said caption, the host/actress thanked 5 housemaids for giving her a Mother’s Day surprise as a new mommy. She claimed that her yayas bought her presents like cake and flowers. What a very happy experience.

“This is my “huhuhu” face!!! After pumping I went to the kitchen and there was a surprise waiting for me. Our 5 yayas bought cake, arranged flowers and dressed up my baby to surprise me for my first mother’s day. Three (3) of them have been with me throughout my miscarriages and my successful pregnancy. They witnessed all my pain and hardships. They know how much motherhood means to me. They have seen my transition to becoming a mom… they know my struggles and today they made sure I would feel special.”

Happy homes are products of good relationships. In today’s era, where we commonly see news of maltreatment among housekeepers and nannies, this story of love and companionship will indeed give us another opportunity to see a good and positive world.

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