“Masyadong ambisyosa!”, this super woman proves all her bashers wrong after finishing her three degrees in college

All college graduates has some stories to tell, it’s the combination of happiness and hardships encountered all throughout their college lives. As for everyone knows that college life isn’t really easy especially if you don’t have enough money to spend for your tuition. But some would really make it out of determination and even take different courses altogether.

Just like with the fresh graduate who is making a name online now -Wynona Pauline Catapang. She shocked everyone after sharing about her college journey. That at the age of 21, she was able to earn three college degrees, namely Mass Communication, Psychology, and Guidance & Counseling.

Image courtesy of Wynona Pauline Catapang

The achievements that she got didn’t come easy. She experienced a lot of hardships while pursuing them. Through her inspirations in life and the determination to finish what she have started, make her succeed at an early age.

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“Masyadong Ambisyosa”

“Ay bobo 5 years na sa college
Wala ka pang napapatunayan
Masyadong ambisyosa”
5 years. 5 years of hardships, stress, and tears. I remembered the days na nagkasabay ang thesis ng psych at masscom. Psych classes sa morning, production sa hapon hanggang gabi. Thesis pagkauwi. Shoot sa mga delikadong lugar while writing Psychological report. Thesis defense sa Masscom tapos thesis proposal naman sa Psych. Di magkanda ugaga every first day of sem kasi laging overlapping yung subjects sa given sched. Pabalik balik kay Dean at sa Reg para lang maayos yung sched. Different faces for every subject. Haha. Parang irreg ang peg. Laging nahuhuli sa mga announcement kasi wala sariling classrep. Kapagod.”

“Then I was then questioning myself, worth it pa ba lahat? I was about to give up and drop my other course. It was so hard to maintain a cut-off grade especially that both of my courses have quota grade of B minus. Ang taas beshie. Both courses pa. There was a time na na-on probation na ko kasi naleleft behind ko na yung isang course. Tapos this Feb, I was so stressed sa thesis because of the deadline tapos my lola died pa.”

“But then I guess God took me to this path and I had to deal with it. Kahit sabi ng iba wala pa kong napapatunayan sa mundo, na ambisyosa ako, I believe this would have been my greatest achievement in life as of now- to receive 3 degrees at the age of 21. And our secret? Diskarte. Haha. Kaya I would like to thank my partner Chantal for being there since day 1. You taught me how to be wise lalo na pag kailangan haha! We may have conflicts during thesis times, pero our friendship never changed at all. Thank you sa lahat as in. Sobrang mamimiss kita.
To my college friends Jusel, Karen, Darah, Joyce Dino, Alyanna. To my highschool besties forever Raina, Toni, Sasa, Thank you guys for believing in us! Nawitness nyo paghihirap namin ni Chanty and you girls kept on giving us strength. I love you all!
To my parents, this would never happen because of you. Daddy, though nasa U.S ka ever since Grade 1, you never failed to support my education. Thank you kasi kahit physically absent ka lagi, you still did your part on providing us what we need. Mommy Joyce Fe, you’ve been my support system since I was born. Thank you for guiding me all throughout. Thank you sa pagsugod sa school kapag may concerns ako na di ko kayang harapin. Thank you sa lahat lahat! My dearest sister Wyonna Patrice, thank you kasi you’ve been my food buddy everytime we’re stressed out. Thank you for patiently listening to my rants and for giving me hope na kaya ko lahat. I love you all so much and these degrees are for you.”

Just like with the other students, this triple degree-holder and fresh college graduate had received lots of difficulties and criticisms while in college. She fought against them to make all her dreams come possible and true.

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Image courtesy of Wynona Pauline Catapang

There was a time that she have felt, she can no longer finish what she have started, but still believed in God and thought about her inspirations why she’s doing it, and that able to walk at the path towards her success.

Only her college life has ended, now she’s gonna take the path on how to deal with the real life situations as a fresh graduate. She’s such an inspiration! Thumbs Up for Wynona Pauline Catapang.