Fans claim Maymay Entrata was disrespected during mall show. WATCH the video!

Maymay Entrata was the big winner of the most recent edition of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). However, despite of her winning the said reality show, many of Maymay’s supporters were in dismay after an incident occurred during a mall show just recently and is now making noise all over the social media world.

Fans pointed out the plain “disrespect” the PBB winner got from the host of the mall show as Maymay allegedly completely ignored by the host. According to the Facebook page Maymay Entrata, it seems that Maymay was only invited to the show to be humiliated on purpose as she was not able to get the respect she deserved.

Here is the video of the interview that the admin of Maymay Entrata Facebook page is talking about.

The video was accompanied by this caption: “Sana Big3 nlng invyt NLA…huhu WAWA NMN YUNG PRINCESS NMIN NA OP… ANG SAKIT SA DIBDIB… Dami nmin 😭😭😭😭😭😭 dito.. MKIRAMDAM NMN KAU??? RESPECT MAYMAY ENTRATA

As a result of this, many of Maymay Entrata’s fans are starting a new trend “RESPECT MAYMAY ENTRATA on Twitter to show their support on their idol. The trend is slowly ranking up to the top as of this writing.

So, what do you think? Was Maymay really disrespected during the mall show? You’ll be the judge.

H/T: Fashion Pulis