Meet Stephanie: The “cheapest woman” that recycles everything including Spag sauce and water

Since we were young, we were taught by our parents to always be thrifty. They repeatedly remind us that being thrifty in terms of money and other things will benefit us in many ways especially for our future use.

However, this girl named Stephanie Robinson just took being thrifty to a whole new level. She found countless ways of saving money but not all of those are quite remarkable.

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Her first tip is that she uses only one light bulb which she transfers from room to room enabling her to save more than $60 on her monthly electrical bill.

The next one, she re-uses the same water over and over again to cook food for her family and even limits the ‘bathing time’ of Patrick just to save on her water bill.

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When it comes to their food, she has a strict monthly food allowance that is only amounting to $400. When she goes to the supermarket, Stephanie says she only gets the food that she ‘eats’ and leaves behind what she ‘could not eat’ and that includes leaving banana peels behind and just taking the peeled banana to the counter.

The quite disgusting part is that the leftover spaghetti sauce she served to her family is still saved on a container and is reserved for ‘future use’.

Her husband Patrick knows that his wife’s thriftiness is quite bizarre. According to him, they do not need to be very thrifty given that they can still pay for their bills even without Stephanie’s over the top money-saving efforts.

However, Stephanie insists that her being a ‘Cheapskate’ is her choice and she is contented and happy with what she does.

Watch her video below: