Meet Xander Ford: The new Marlou Arizala after Surgery

Netizens have all been excited as to what Marlou Arizala will look like after he announced that he will undergo plastic surgery to modify some of his facial features.

Finally, after two weeks of anticipation, Goodbye Marlou, Hello! Xander Ford.

Rated K, has documented the process Xander went through to be able to obtain his ‘dream face.’ Xander already managed to establish a fan base of his own, all excited to see how much he has changed.

Some of his fans say that they expect Xander to be more handsome than some of their ‘Oppa’ or Korean Idols. They were not disappointed because Xander managed to exceed their expectation with how much his face has changed.

Here is how he looks Before and After:

Xander underwent cosmetic enhancement procedure for his nose and chin. The procedure was conducted by Dr. Eric Yapjuancgo of The Icon Clinic at the Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center.

Other procedures include wrinkle removal, eyebrow thickening, eyelash extension, lip pigmentation and dental implants.

Xander’s parents were also overwhelmed by their son’s transformation. They were in tears when they first saw Xander.

When Rated K’s episode was aired, Xander’s face became instant trending in all social media platforms, with some Netizens posting his picture with hilarious captions, such as “Marry me, Xander” or “Anakan mo ako, Xander Ford.”

When Korina asked how Xander felt after his transformation, he said that his dream finally came true. His dream of being ‘Pogi”.

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When asked for his message to all those who bully him, he answered, “Who you na sila ngayon.”

Xander was even given the chance to be styled by Carl Pabilona, a professional Stylist.

Indeed, a change in appearance could greatly affect a person’s life. Don’t you agree?

Watch Rated K’s Video Here:

Source: Rated K, SandreaLee Salon, Pinoy Ambisyuso