Millionaire dad hires “strippers” to perform on birthday party of his 12-year-old son

Birthdays are only celebrated once a year. This is why most people tend to really prepare even just a little party to celebrate this occasion. It may range from just a small family gathering up to a lavish party where quite a lot of people may be invited.

However, this certain dad from the US sparked fire on the internet after videos of the celebration of his son’s 12th birthday went viral. The said video instantly became the subject of opinions because it features “strippers” as the main attraction of the celebration.

Video footage of the birthday party, which reportedly took place in the United States, show several exotic dancers performing for the boy.

Reportedly, the father of the boy is said to be a millionaire according to the Daily Mail.

The video shows the boy sitting on a chair while two female exotic dancers perform

In one short segment, the boy appears uncomfortable while two strippers dance for him and rub their breasts against his face. The video shows the boy sitting on a chair while two female exotic dancers perform. One of them is sitting in the boy’s lap and another is standing behind them.

Another clip shows the boy with his top off, dancing with one of the lingerie-clad women by a stripper’s pole. The father can be seen smiling broadly and encouraging his son.┬áThe video was shared widely on YouTube where users have questioned the father’s parenting abilities and some also expressed their dismay towards the video saying that the said ‘birthday gift’ was inappropriate.

Watch the full video below: