MINDBLOWN! The huge difference of wearing medical mask depending on which side

Well, we may hate to admit it but once in our life, we doubted ourselves whether we are wearing that piece of medical mask in the correct way. There are people who say that the correct way of wearing one is putting the white side on the outer surface while there are also others that say otherwise.

It turns out that no one could really tell which is which until a medical professional explains the correct way of wearing one. Just like what this generous netizen named Janine Lorico Espinas did. Generous in the sense that Espina shared the explanation behind the “proper” way of wearing a medical mask.

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Through her post, Espina shared her knowledge of wearing the medical mask which she learned from her internship. According to the post, there is really no ‘correct’ way of wearing a medical mask, it all depends on the situation of the one wearing it.

It turns out thatĀ If the white side is attached to your face, it means that you’re trying to protect the environment against you ( to filter the micro-organism not to spread them out to others). On the other hand, if the white side is outside, it means that you’re trying to protect yourself against the environment (to protect the micro-organism from the environment not to come contact with you).

Well, that sure is one heck of a useful piece of information. The next time you wear a medical mask, take note of this explanation so that you could not make the same mistake again.