Model who bullied Maureen Wroblewitz in Asia’s Next Top Model gets karma after photographer slams her for being disrespectful

This past week, many netizens were enraged due to the plain bullying done by the Indonesian model Clara Tan towards the Filipina model Maureen Wroblewitz in the 5th cycle of the reality show Asia’s Next Top Model. However, karma seemed to get her so fast as she was slammed by the photographer on the said show.

According to a report by Kami, the Indonesian got lambasted by the photographer and also accuses Clara of being disrespectful due to the poor attitude she displayed and got a taste of her own medicine.

In a video posted by YouTube channel Drake Gore, you can see the panel of judges critic Clara’s photos and it sounds like they are not that pleased by the end result. The judges even pointed out that it was not that good and they were disappointed.

But, the heavy blow was done by the show’s photographer and even fired shots at Clara when he pointed out that she complained about the lack of time she was given during the photo shoot and claimed that the photographer was being unfair towards her.

The Indonesian model then began to cry moments after her photos were judged. Later on, both the photographer and one of the judges told her that she would not succeed in the modeling industry if she continues her terrible attitude.

See the video below and witness how karma got her good after she bullied Maureen.