Model walks around a busy mall wearing only body paint and no one noticed it until…

Would you be able to distinguish a naked body with perfectly painted “clothes” from another one with the real clothes on?

Well, it’s hard to imagine. You can only tell if you are confronted with the situation, right? However, it seems that not all people could distinguish such.

Just like what happened in the experiment conducted by Jen, a professional body painter. Jen wanted to find out whether people would be able to realize that this model is actually not wearing any clothes except her undergarments.

In an article by Viral 4 Real, Jen and her daughter painted the model’s top and pants and you may really think twice when you take a look at what they made.

The model, Maria Luciotti had a black, laced blouse painted as her top, and a pair of tattered jeans painted as her pants.

Maria and Jen walked around a shopping mall with a cameraman nearby documenting their experience. Since skinny jeans is a fashion trend nowadays, Maria looked like she was wearing a really tight one and the intricate details added by Jen on the body paint made the jeans look real.

In the recorded video, people would point to Maria as if they noticed something but no one really confronted her.

Maria and Jen also visited various stores to “get fitted” for a pair of jeans and a new bra. However, when the sales personnel knew the truth, their reactions were just priceless.

It sure took a long time for the people around Maria to notice that she in truth is naked and only paint is covering her body. So, anyone else willing to take on what Maria has done?

Watch the full video below: