Mom couldn’t stop her tears after finding out why son’s grave is green

When we lost someone in the family, no matter how painful it is, we really have to accept it. Remembering the good times being with them may be the best thing to do. And also visiting them on their grave for them to feel that they’re not forgotten at all.

Just like with the couple who visited their child on the grave but seen unusual thing on it. Their son Joseph was actually a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force when he passed away at just 36 years old. And according to CBS News, Joseph served his country for 16 years before passing away in 2010.

One day Raymond and Rachel Villasenor visited their son Joseph on the grave, they noticed that the grass on his grave were just that lush and green compared to others which are brown and dying. The couple couldn’t believe it and even thought it was a great miracle. But when they knew the reason, they were just in tears hearing it.

It so happen that Jake Reissig, 86, had recently lost his wife and was at the cemetery to leave her some flowers when he saw a young woman in tears. Jake comforted her and found out she’s Joseph’s sister. She then told Jake how sad she is to have her brother be taken very soon from them.

Jake then made a promise to do something for Joseph. Every day when he would visit his wife’s grave, he watered her grave to keep it looking beautiful and alive – and now he would do the same for Joseph. That’s why Rachel and Raymond visited their son’s grave, they were just so shocked to see it very green.

But finding out the reason just made them into tears and just hugged Jake for a wonderful gesture. Indeed great people with a great heart still exists in this modern world.

Source: Newsner