Mom hears strange noises in the ceiling, turns out to be her ex that has been living with them for 12 years

Some may hate to admit it but the truth that some relationships just fail to work. There are just some couples that are not compatible with each other causing the relationship to crumble down. This is why there are some families that are only left with either the mother or the father.

However, this single mother from Rock Hill, South Carolina had the shock of her live when she was confronted with the astonishing truth.

Tracy, a mother trying to raise her 5 children alone has always been afraid of a break in and would make sure all the doors were locked. But one day, she heard some strange noises coming from the attic.


At first, she thought it was just a cat or a mice trying to find themselves a shelter inside her attic. But then, she started to notice that the strange noises move from room to room that it even reached her own bedroom. One night after putting the kids to sleep she looked up to see that the nails began popping out of the ceiling one-by-one.

Tracy immediately called for the help of her adult sons and nephew to check out what is happening in the attic. hey thought they would find a possum or a raccoon (which is common) but what they discovered was even more terrifying than any of them could imagine.


They climbed up the dark attic stairs and turned their flashlights on to find a grown man sleeping next to the heating unit! After further investigating, they realized it was their mother’s ex boyfriend. Then it hit them…How did he get up here?

Goodfullness reported that the man have entered through the front door before he was able to come up to the attic.

Watch the full video of the report below: