This mother-to-be is already on her 6th month of pregnancy! Can you believe it?

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial parts of a woman’s life. This particular stage may be considered a blessing and at the same time a challenging part especially for first time moms as giving birth is a battle between life and death. Pregnancy also has various signs and symptoms in the early months. One of the most prominent ones is the baby bump.

Ranna Stephens before falling pregnant

Reanna Stephens, 18, is expecting her son in April but is so slim that strangers have accused her of faking her pregnancy.

Reanna at six months pregnant

The student, from South Carolina, hit back at her critics and revealed that her healthy vegan diet and gentle exercise routine have helped maintain her figure.

Speaking out: Reanna has hit back at critics who accuse her of under-eating while pregnant, explaining she is fit and healthy. Pictured, one of Reanna's sonograms 

Stephens now shares her story to other expecting mothers via social media. “My baby is growing the perfect amount every month as it’s measured, just like everyone else’s, so it’s absolutely nothing to do with mine or the baby’s health. I have compared my bump over my pregnancy to people on different parent pages on Facebook, and it’s not as big as other people’s. But I love my small bump, it’s not big but I think it’s perfect in its own way and it’s my body and my bump, no one else’s,” she says.

Reanna at three months

According to Daily Mail, Stephens was forced to speak up about her condition when strangers made cruel comments about her figure. “I have had people stopping me in the street and giving me nasty looks. It’s heart-breaking that instead of getting the “aw, look at your bump,” I just get people being rude to me as soon as they realise how far gone I am,” she explains.

Reanna at five months

Stephens also shared that although people tend to ctiticize her, she is thankful for her family who are always there to support her.