Mother leaves newborn baby in an airport together with a heartbreaking note

Babies are valued by parents in immeasurable ways. The amount of love parents give to their babies simply can’t be measured by any device that exists on earth.This is why it is heartbreaking to hear that a child is left somewhere by his parents without even thinking about what might happen to the hopeless child.

Authorities at the Tucson International Airport, United States discovered a newborn baby abandoned on a restroom’s changing table. The newborn baby was wrapped in a blanket when he was found.

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What’s peculiar about finding the baby is that there is a note left on his blanket. The note says “Please help me. My mom had no idea she was pregnant. She is unable and unfit to take care of me. Please get me to the authorities so they can find a good home.”


The note also included a second part which could have been the plea of the mother, “I just want what is best for him and it is not me. Please. I’m sorry,” she wrote.

In a report by Inquirer, airport authorities said that a surveillance footage showed a woman walking around carrying a blue blanket which matches what was found with the baby. They further speculated that the woman must have given birth to the baby in the airport.

Juana Quintana, one of the airport custodian said that she previously encountered a woman in the bathroom with pools of blood on the floor. Quintana also found bloodied clothes in the trash can, haphazardly covered with paper towels. Quintana said the woman stated that the baby was three months old. The woman thereafter quickly left.

The baby is now left in the custody of Arizona Department of Child Safety and authorities already seized their efforts of trying to find the mother.