Motorist shocked after this kid shows off incredible talent in singing

Filipinos are known for being talented and are recognized in other nations rather than in their own country, most especially the talent of singing. Recently, a video has emerged on social media showing a boy mashing up popular songs.

By the quality of his voice, you might think that he is a grown or a professional singer for years, but you will surely be surprised after finding out that he is just street kid.

The kid pulled off some of today’s biggest hits from artist like Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber just to mention a few. In the video, the kid introduces himself before dropping the beat with a mashup starting with the Justin Bieber hit Baby followed by other popular songs of the early 2010s.

The video is now viral on various social media platforms, placing the kid as another internet darling. Many netizens were impressed by the kid’s singing ability and the kid should join various singing contest to showcase his talent not only on the streets, but to the entire world.

See the kid’s outstanding performance in the video below.