Murder or suicide? One simple detail in this picture might solve everything!

There are many kinds of puzzle and picture solving coming out in the internet. There are pictures to solve, wherein you are going to spot the difference while others are so much related with Optical illusion, wherein you have to give your perceived image on the picture. Mostly we are given clues to solve them.

Just like with the picture here wherein you are going to look at the picture, and determine if the case is Suicide or a Murder. The given comic picture is a woman lying dead on the floor.

As you could see on the picture, there are books, can, glasses, a ball pen and a paper, and a lamp on the table. A large blood stain on the wall, a stool being turned over and the woman lying dead on the floor.

Closer look on the picture:

If we have this closer look on the picture, some would say that it’s a murder. But if we would focus ourselves on the woman, we can see the cigarette on her left hand, a proof that she is a left-handed person. On her  right arm is  the gun, a left handed person couldn’t possibly fire a gun using that.

The gun is also positioned on the opposite side of the blood stain and if it was really suicide, the body would have released tension and may cause her to drop her cigarette. Because of this simple things seen on the image, it is clear that the person had been murdered.

Simple things and clues do matter. We only have to look closely and see if they’re helpful enough.

SOURCE: Your Nation News