Once naughty baby Baste Alcanse has grown up and this is how he looks like now

Back in 2004, a reality-based talent competition premiered on ABS-CBN called Star Circle Quest (SCQ). The show was hosted by Luis Manzano and Jodi Sta. Maria and has spawned new stars we all knew today like Nash Aguas and Sharlene Gonzales who went to make a name for themselves in the industry at a young age by being a regular young artists at ABS-CBN’s kids comedy show “Goin’ Bulilit”.

If you can recall, there was that one chubby kid who also came from the said reality-based talent show and his name was Basty Alcances. Despite gaining a success similar to Nash and Sharlene as kids, Basty went a different route after graduating on Goin’ Bulilit.

Many of you are wondering on where this little rascal is now since he left the industry and many of you will be shocked after seeing where he is today.


Basty is no longer the chubby little kid we once knew and is now 18-years old and has lost a lot of weight since then

He recently made an appearance on TV during Goin’ Bulilit’s reunion episode last March

Basty still has no plans of going back in the showbiz industry as he is still busy studying in college at AMA University

He also has a girlfriend who he post a lot pictures with on his Instagram account

Leaving the limelight hasn’t stop him from enjoying life basing on his posts and many are glad that he is already active in various social platforms

This just goes to show you that fame isn’t always the key for you live a better life and Basty is one of those guys who find happiness despite of leaving the showbiz industry.