Neighbors thought he’s insane for digging this at his backyard, when completed everyone is very jealous

There are really people who are very fond of discoveries and experiments even if they aren’t sure of what they will get in the end. They would allow themselves  to do some difficult things just to suffice their curiosity. However, there are also some who aren’t interested to do such things and push themselves too hard  to find out some discoveries which the world could give.

But there was this guy who made an effort to dig hole in his backyard and eventually made his neighbors got jealous on it. In a large scale projects in a backyard, it takes a lot of effort and time to execute something very beautiful and successful one. So, not everyone is really interested in doing some effort in their backyard.

According to watchJojo channel on YouTube, It was when Wayne Martin started to dig a massive hole in his backyard, that made his neighbors thought he was crazy, little did they know that it would be the most beautiful backyard construction project that have ever seen.

Mr. Martin purchased a 20-foot shipping container that he found on the internet. Containers like these are actually discarded and available to be bought at low prices. 

He then sealed the double doors at the end and installed a swinging door on the other side. This will be key to remember as the project progresses.

He was so careful to dig a hole that was at least two-feet deeper than the height of the container, and poured a six-inch layer of a pea gravel at the bottom.

He hired a septic tank company to lift and place the container in the hole.

He left roughly to feet of space on each of the container and a few feet in front of the swinging door.

He also created a hole for the sump pump that would go in, this would be critical

He then put a set of concrete steps, making sure that the top stairs was at the same level as the top of the container. That way he could walk down to the door at the bottom of the stair.

He installed two I-beams, keeping them level with the stairs and the container top. This is for support, and a frame for what comes next.

More framework was installed to support the roof.

Across the framework, he laid down sheets of heavy corrugated  metal. They’re stable enough to support someone’s weight even when holding a fluffy friend.

He left an opening over the stairs and surrounded it with rebar for support.

Then cinder blocks were laid and filled in with even more concrete.

Two 12-inch air vents were put in at the front and back, along with some PVC piping for utilities. Wouldn’t want to go without those.

It was finally time to start pouring in concrete all over the area. The rebar was in place and the frame was perfectly aligned. A six-inch layer was added over the corrugated metal roofing and rebar. And more blocks were added to the entrance.

The temporary supports were taken out once the concrete dried. Wayne used high-end soil to fill the space surrounding the entrance so that the things could be planted there.

And now his banker was ready to be filled. And it looks better with that with wine.

When he was done on it, their confusion turned into jealousy and envy after seeing such wonderful construction underneath.

The watchJojo then noted some safety concerns with this sort of project. The roof and walls of the shipping container aren’t designed to hold the weight, so anyone building one of these must be very cautious enough.

Wow! This is just one of a kind construction which required so much time and effort. Indeed, achieving something really needs enough determination.