Netizen from Davao shocked to see that the taxi driver who took them could be the president, or atleast his look-a-like

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines is known for being a down to earth person. He earned the votes of the Filipino people through his straightforward, brave and specific platform to get rid of drugs in the archipelago.

Since he was elected, he has been the subject of debate among netizens. There are those that are in favor of his programs and there are also those that strongly oppose them.

Pres. Digong or his look-a-like,  is now viral again, not because of another political issue but because he reportedly drove a Taxi and even managed to bring a few passengers to their destination.

Facebook user, Norman Talimongan, a resident of Davao City posted his shocking yet unforgettable experience while he and his friends rode a taxi.

According to the post, Norman and his friends were on their way home, because of weariness from practicing “Futsal” (indoor Football), the group decided to take a cab.

10 minutes through their ride, Norman’s friend, Alec whispered to him that their driver looks like President Duterte. Out of curiosity, Norman took a closer look at the rear view mirror.

He was shocked with what he saw, the driver just laughed at him, which he assumed was a confirmation that he was indeed, President Duterte.

He and his friends asked the driver repeatedly if he was the President, the driver never answered them, instead, he just laughed at them.

Norman’s foreigner friends even “googled” the pictures of the President and compared it with what they are seeing. Norman further said that they were all going crazy inside the cab.

However, he said on his post that it is up to the people to judge if it really was the President as he too did not get any direct confirmation or denial form the driver.

Netizens are now debating whether it really was the President or not. Here are a few of the comments:

Source: Facebook