Netizen seeks help to return this lost mother and her child to their family

Back in the old days, people tend to post some pictures or posters in several areas whenever they lost something important such as jewelries and most especially missing friends or relatives. Fortunately these days, social media exists and it is one of the most useful platforms today.

On that note, a netizen with the name Elena Mabbagu Casura took to Facebook and posted 3 photos featuring a woman and her daughter who she claimed were found at the streets of Barangay 174 Camarin, Caloocan City.

In her Facebook post, Casura revealed the woman’s identity as  Liezle Sederio Rosima and pointed out that she appears to have some mental problems and urges for some assistance from netizens who might know who she is or to help find the woman’s family and pick her up from the said area for her and her daughter’s sake.

Moreover, Casura was kind enough to leave a contact number on her post in case the woman’s family or friends are looking for her and her innocent little daughter.

Many netizens showed their sympathy towards the pair and were kind enough to help spread the post by sharing it on their Facebook accounts for a bigger chance of seeking their friends and relatives. You can also lend a helping hand by sharing this post on social media.

We here at Danified sincerely hope that by this time the pair has already been picked up by their said relatives and is on a better and convenient place.