Netizen Seeks Justice For Her Friend Who Got Physically Abused by Ex Boyfriend

Woman abuse is any use of psychological, physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. On that note, a netizen by the name of Lj Bodiongan Montecarlo shared a photo of a her friend Honey Ivory who got beaten by her ex-boyfriend.

According to Montecarlo’s post, her friend was physically abused by her then boyfriend and due to reasons you won’t believe.

Montecarlo stood up for her friend and called out the man who beat her up. Also the pair has already filed a case against the abuser.

Montecarlo is now seeking justice for her friend’s tragedy and is using the social media to gain more access connections to people who might help them face such obstacle in life.

Violence is used to intimidate, humiliate or frighten victims, or to make them feel powerless. According to sources, 45% of woman abuse results in physical injury. The psychological effects of this can be far-reaching and that 85% of abused women indicate that they have experienced some type of negative emotional effects.

No matter who think you are, you should always take note that abusing women is wrong.

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