Netizens caught Sen Pacqiuao commenting on Arzaylea’s IG live video, Pacman reacts!

Nowadays, more and more people are turning in to social media to ‘document’ their daily lives, especially Millenials.

From mere pictures of wherever they go or whatever they eat, down to live videos of what they are doing, ATM (At The Moment). It has somehow became a habit for people to document everything to get a remembrance of a moment otherwise gone.

Just like what social media sensation, Arzaylea does on a daily basis. Arzaylea, being the famous Instagrammer that she is, often posts photos or even live videos so that her fans may know her whereabouts and endorse products that she uses.

She first gained fame on various social media platforms when she was linked to Luke Hemmings, the guitarist and lead vocalist of the band, 5 seconds of summer (5SOS).

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Their break-up became controversial because it was alleged that a third party was involved and 5SOS fans have bashed Arzaylea.

However, it seems that the spotlight is on her again not because of another controversial relationship or break-up but because of a controversial comment of someone on her Instagram Live video.

That someone is none other than, the famous boxer/senator, “Manny” Pacquiao. He managed to make a name for himself again after Netizens noticed his comment on Arzaylea’s IG Live.

Using the @mannypacquiao verified Instagram account, the senator’s message says, “Hello” and “Where are you from?”

manny pacquiao

As a novice on how social media works, Netizens assumed that Pacquiao might have thought that the message was private and only Arzaylea could read it.

His comments immediately drew the attention of Netizens.

Here are a few of the hilarious comments of Netizens:

manny pacquiao

manny pacquiao

manny pacquiao

manny pacquiao

manny pacquiao

Pacquiao, admitted that it was him that commented on the video however, he said that his comments were of good faith and had ‘no malice’.

In an interview, Pacquiao said, “Ako ‘yan. Actually pag-open ko ng Instagram nakita ko live so pinindot ko. Nakita niya Manny Pacquiao joined live so nag-hello siya.” “Tapos tinanong niya ako, ‘Are you in the Philippines?’ Kaya sabi ko, ‘Where are you from?”, as his way to explain the viral comments.

“Lahat naman puwedeng makipag-usap sa amin. Wala namang malisya doon. In fact, iyon lang ‘yun. Tingnan mo, pagkatapos no’n, wala na” he added.

Source: RapplerLionheartv, Philnews