SM pre-sells this TV at 10% discounted price of P2.7M, when I read the comments I can’t stop ROFL

The social media world is going crazy upon seeing the discounted Sony KD-100Z9D LED TV posted on the official page of SM Appliance Center.

The TV set is said to have a 100-inch 4k display, a picture unlike any other in 4K HDR with ultra contrast as stated on Sony’s official website.

People are even going more crazy after SM Appliance dropped the price by 10% and only cost ₱2,699,999 if you pre-order now, way way cheaper than its original price of an astonishing $59,999.99 or ₱2,987,099.50 when converted.

Many netizens who saw the post immediately were interested and said that they are “willing to do everything just to purchase the said product”.

Like this Facebook user who commented that he already filed a loan from PAG-IBIG and SSS just to get that TV and also even said that he already sold his relatives. Hilarious!

This guy claimed that they have already purchased the TV and even shared the experience he had using it, but the unfortunate happened and he and his family were kicked out of the house they were living in.

This guy even plans to sold all his belongings from his car to his house just to buy the product and added that he will enlist himself as a member of KADAMAY.

Jokes aside, this TV is really as good as it is being described on the Facebook promotional advertisement, but by looking at its 7-digit price tag, only few people belonging to an elite class can only afford it.