Netizens respond on banning of “unli rice”

Unli rice is very common in some restaurants, particularly in the Philippines. And many are into it for it helps a lot especially on the budget of many. For some who only earns a minimum wage of salary depends on this offer. But what if this thing depended by many would be banned forever?

Just a recent news comes out about the banning of extra rice in the Philippines. Senator Cynthia Villar seeks to ban the extra rice and wishes to change it with offering some vegetables. She said that this banning has something to do with health and economic reasons.

Netizens also responded about it. A number of Filipinos are so unhappy with this and commented the funny way around.

On Twitter:

Who hurt you?

We don’t need that negativity in our lives

I am sobrang triggered po-Mang Inasal (Parody account)

On Facebook:

Hindi pinansin?

Hindi niyo nararamdaman ang saya namin bawat taas ng kamay for next round ng rice

Pakawalan ang manok at sugudin si Cynthia

For some reasons, she may have her own perspectives about banning the unli rice promos but for everyone who depends on it especially those minimum wage earners, unli rice could save their hunger at a low price.