New “Invisible box” challenge is taking over the internet

Throughout the years, the worldwide web is constantly put on a seemingly ridiculous “challenge” but the response from people is just too overwhelming. Remember the Mannequin Challenge, Harlem Shake or the Ko Ko Bop Challenge? All of those has somehow managed to put a smile to everyone’s faces.

So, here goes another challenge called the “Invisible Box Challenge” which originally could have been a very hard to achieve challenge. However, with the amazing minds of netizens, some invented hilarious ways of taking on the challenge.

Invisible Box Challenge

The new trend started off when a video of a cheerleader in Texas went viral. In the said video, the cheerleader appears to be “defying gravity” while she did the stunt. Her name is Ariel Olivar. She became instant famous following her viral video which people find really impressive that some even question its authenticity.

The high school cheerleader leans over to pat what seems to be an invisible box. She then she places her foot on top of the “box,” and to the amazement of everyone (particularly the internet) steps over it like there’s actually a box physically there.

Here, take a look at Ariel’s viral video:

After the overwhelming response of netizens to the video, some made their own version of the “invisible box” challenge.

Here goes another one:

As it easily became a trend, more and more are trying their own versions of the challenge but in a hilarious way:

Take a look at these videos:

There are also others who ultimately failed the challenge. Just like this man:

So, anyone out there whose also willing to do this new challenge?