Is this the new Marlou Arizala aka Ford Zander?

More than a week after the announcement of former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala that he is undergoing a surgery, a photo of his alleged new face has circulated on Facebook.

The photo is posted on Twitter which eventually made its way  on Facebook after Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa aka Makagago have it posted on his page with a seemingly sarcastic caption.

So ito na yon?
Yung dugyot non
Mas dugyot na ngayon nyahaha..pakshet
Dati mukha syang tulok ngayon mukha na syang bored sa buhay nya.

Take a look of the photo of the alleged new face of Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford.

Image may contain: 2 people, hat and closeup

It can be seen on the photo of the new face of the new Marlou. It looks slimmer, his nose looks better, and his lips significantly changed.

But it’s just a week, how can he recover to such surgery in a very short period of time?

This question leads us to check the official page of Xander Ford and sure enough, the photo already reached him and he vehemently denied that this is the new him.

The viral photo according to Xander Ford is fake and was actually taken in his condominium unit last 2016. He also revealed that anyone who wants to see his new real face must watch Korina Sanchez’ television show Rated K on ABS-CBN channel 2.