This Is Why We Should Not Drive Too Close To Trucks Carrying Rebars

When we are in a rush when we travel, we sometimes forget a few precautions that we should practice. Like keeping a few meters of distance from trucks carrying flammable substances, sand, and even rebars.

We should never assume that everything will go as we expected, though I may sound pessimistic, we should also think of what might happen in the worst case scenario.

Just like what happened to a boy in a series of photos and video posted by a certain Facebook user.

Apparently, the car that the victim was in, caught an unfortunate encounter with a truck carrying rebars. This resulted to irreparable damage to the car and a horrifying experience to its passengers.

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In the photos, it can be seen that a rebar was stuck in the mouth of the pitiful victim. We can only imagine the agony that the victim must have suffered from.

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In the X-ray taken at the hospital, it can be seen that the rebar was stuck in the bone that connects his head to his body.

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The post also included a video detailing how the rebar was taken out of the mouth of the victim.

Watch the video here:

Posted by Yuri Polyakov on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

As of writing time, the post already gained about 84,000 shares and 3,000 reactions form netizens with comments warning their loved ones to drive carefully to avoid accidents like this.

Although the post does not put in detail where or when this awful accident happened, it serves as a clear warning to everyone that whenever and wherever we may be, accidents are inevitable. All we have to do is take extra caution so that we won’t be caught in the same situation as the person in the post.