Nurse was shocked to find out her boyfriend was cheating when he was rushed to the hospital with his mistress

People involved in the medical industry encounter all kinds of people everyday. People with various needs that they need to cater to. Sometimes, it may even include their own family members or people close to them which makes their job even harder.

This particular nurse on duty at a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan was really shocked when her long-time boyfriend was rushed to the emergency room after he was involved in a horrific accident. She was really worried that he might die.

However, her worry turned to rage when another woman who was also a victim of the accident came rushing to the emergency room. The woman was crying really hard because she and her boyfriend encountered an accident and he was in a coma.

It turned out that the nurse and the woman were talking about the same person. The man who was rushed inside the emergency room was cheating on his girlfriend.

According to Rachfeed, the nurse was really shocked with her unexpected discovery at such an unexpected time. Despite everything that happened, she still remained professional and continued on doing her job as a nurse and just listened while her other colleagues interviewed her boyfriend’s mistress.

Because of the mixed emotions she felt during that moment, the nurse shared her experience on the Chinese Facebook page: “Complain Boyfriend”.

According to her post, she was on a night shift during that time and she texted her boyfriend of 3 years like she usually does. The boyfriend even told her that he was already going to sleep but, an hour later, he was rushed to the hospital.

The nurse’s full post says:

“At that time, the hospital received two car accident cases and to my shock, one of them was my boyfriend. He was already in a coma when he was brought in but the other patient who was together with him only suffered from some abrasions and was still conscious. That was his mistress.

Heartsick, I listened as the doctor asked his mistress how the accident happened and she told them that they were on their way Kaohsiung for a short getaway when they got into an accident. All I could do was listen to her story while helping the doctor but inside, my heart was bleeding.”

It sure was a bizarre way to find out that your partner is cheating on you. Nevertheless, the girl is still blessed that she finally found out the truth.