Obsessed girl offers 1M to guy’s girlfriend to break up with him

This ‘controversial’ story of how a very obsessed ‘girl’ to a certain man ruined everyone’s thoughts about commitment and love. Many netizens who read this viral article has commented their reactions on this story and even shared it online. But what could’ve been the reason behind it?

Do you guys ever experience this kind of situation wherein you are feeling like you’re being ‘choked’ of too much obsession or possessiveness by a man/woman? Maybe, this viral story is a good read for you folks.

According to a popular article by World of Buzz, a certain netizen named Joey Tan shared a post of screenshots coming from conversations between a girl named Jocye Lee and a guy who were just named only as Danny and his girlfriend.

Jocye, the viral girl in social media posted this statement:

“As a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you meet this kind of woman, what would you do? The girlfriend has sacrificed a lot for the boyfriend, and she loves him very much. “The situation is not like what the woman claims. She also tried to make it seem like the girlfriend was materialistic by twisting her words!” Because there are wayyyy too many screenshots, we’re gonna be nice and summarize up the story for you, okay?”

According to the said story, the girl named Joyce is being ‘pathetically’ obsessive and possessive of Danny every single day by messaging him on Facebook and all her daily activities with him, even though he didn’t like these. Jocye even called him in sweet names like “Hubby”, “My love” and others. She undoubtedly knew that he was already taken but still asks these questions, “Where are you? Are you with her now? Why are you not replying me?”

She still continued to do it each and every single day. But, the time has come and Danny replied this mind-blowing message to her:

“I really don’t know what to say to you anymore. Can you please not disturb me anymore? I’ve blocked all of your social media accounts but you still managed to find me. You’re really “amazing”. Please don’t send me anymore photos or messages, I don’t want to see them.”

Of course, she’s like the same woman who has gone berserk and seemed unaffected by these statements. While he tries his very best to avoid and pacify her obsession, especially when he learns that the ‘crazy’ girl even harassed his beloved woman too. Then, Danny repeatedly told her not to disturb the both of them anymore but she just said plainly, “Even if you block me, I can open a new account to look for you. I also have multiple SIM cards to call you, so don’t even think of blocking my number.” What a pain in the ass.

The girlfriend finally breaks her silence and said, “Give up already. He’ll never be yours and even if we break up at least he was mine before. Why should I break up with him? Just because you are rich? So you want to use your money to buy his love? “You told me before you will give me RM1 million to break up with him, so where is the money? Otherwise why don’t you name your price and I pay you to get lost?” She says, “I’m rich, I have plenty of money to pay, but you’re not worth it. Please, you don’t have enough money to pay me off.”

Apparently, Jocye still didn’t give up in contacting Danny everyday even though at one point she does feel that she is just wasting her time and losing her mind already.

When this post became popular in many social networking sites, netizens around the world were shocked at the perseverance that she has shown. The post also stated that the Jocye and Danny have been friends for more than 2 decade. Thousands of netizens wondered how old is the girl and it turns out that she is just 38 years old this year! This is definitely mind-boggling because of how she looked on her photos!

The final story twist is that Joey is actually Danny’s girlfriend. What the hell! She even mentioned that, “Jocye told me that she is a multimillionaire,” in reply to a certain netizen saying that she needs a boyfriend to be her personal banking machine. *Burned!

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