Off-Duty Cop Hailed As A Hero After Stopping An Attempted Bus Robbery

Action films always tend us to be excited whenever something is about to transpire. What if these just good for TV scenarios happen in real life? Will you still be able to find excitement when the incident is happening right in front of you?

Off duty police officer PO2 Joselito Lantano has been hailed a hero after he stopped a robbery incident inside the Diamond bus in EDSA, last Tuesday, April 4 around 2:11 a.m. in the morning.

According to sources, a man have just declared a holdup and decided to fire his gun to put some scares on the passengers as they were approaching Quezon Avenue. Lantano who was trying to take a nap while on his way home suddenly heard gunshots.

Lantano quickly responded on the incident and also drew his gun, but one of the bus robbers was already pointing his gun at him ready to blow his head off. Unfortunately for the robber, Lantano was quick enough and made the first shot instantly killing the robber. He then searched for the robber’s accomplices.

Two men were later arrested ratted out by the other passengers believing they are the accomplices of the bus robber. The two men were later identified Mark Lee Mahinay, a security guard, and James Medrano, a construction worker.

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A bladed weapon and a 38 gun was recovered from the suspects, but the pair denied the allegations of them being a part of the fail robbery attempt.

Due to Lantano’s bravery, QCPD director Guillermo Eleazar recommended a spot promotion for the off-duty cop.

Lantano had been a police officer for 20 years who once trained for the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) and worked for the  Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG). He is said to be a former close-in security aide of former First lady Imelda Marcos.

SOURCE: KickerDaily, PHOTOS: Din / Facebook