OFW complains about employer’s dirty house after arriving from a day-off

Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are the ones who take the risk of being away from their family and their home just to get a good job that will be able to pay off their bills and feed their family.

Domestic Helpers (DH) in particular often resort to going out of country because they are being paid more as compared to the same job in the Philippine setting, however, the environment that they work in are sometimes worse – some even could not afford to get themselves a day-off from their job.

The Facebook page, OFWs in Hong Kong shared a few photos of the situation of a house where a domestic helper was working. The said DH complained about how her employees don’t really treat her days off as a real day off.

As reported by Rachfeed, on the day-off of a domestic helper, they are expected to have already cleaned up the house, fed and bathe the kids and even prepared lunch and dinner for their employers.

However, when the OFWs return to their workplace, the whole house is a mess. This is why they are required to spend the rest of their night trying to clean up the mess. Because of this, OFWs can never really fell the essence of having a day-off.

Many say that it can be considered abuse as the OFWs are entitled to have their rest day and the employers should reconsider and try to clean up after themselves. However, OFWs revealed that many of their employees are really acting in that way and as lowkey employees, they simply can do nothing about it.

Although it is heartbreaking to know this fact, let us just hope that this misconception will be changed soon.