OFW takes life away by drinking several drugs after revealing how father, brother, tito allegedly molested her

We have read a lot of crazy things here on the internet, many of which are just too bizarre that people cannot stomach it in due to its graphic and horrible content. Speaking of which, one story has recently broke in the social media sites of an OFW from Japan named Pitchie Inoue who shared the horrible things she has experienced in the hands of her family members.

In a post shared by a Facebook page Matalinong Matsing, you can see a very emotional Pitchie Inoue share the hell she has gone through. She stated that she has been molested by her own father, not only that but she was also raped by her uncle and some of her other siblings.

Inoue also stated her dismay towards her mother who she claimed was playing dumb about the whole thing and still decided to protect them despite of the devilish things they have done to Pitchie.

See the full video of her rant in the video provided below.


Unfortunately, as of this writing, Pitchie Inoue has already taken her life by taking different types of drugs as you can see on the video above.

After finding out the hellish experience that Pitchie had, many netizens are now begging the authorities to bring back death penalty as a punishment to those evil doers who are fond of raping. However, there are also some who wished for Inoue to have hold on and should have not committed suicide.

As of this writing, Pitchie’s lifeless body is currently at¬†Moriones, Tondo where she will be more likely to be buried.