OLD friends of young CEO who asked Erich for date on a billboard are exposing him on social media

It is a no-brainer that women loved to see some effort done from either their suitors and most especially from their boyfriends or husbands. Although some of these things are not that really a walk on the park, men mostly delivers just to make their partners as happy as possible.

Speaking of which, the social media went crazy when a story of a guy named Xian Gaza went viral on the internet due to his effort of putting up a billboard just to be noticed by the Kapamilya star Erich Gonzales and ask her out for a cup of coffee.

However, moments after the post went viral, Gaza got his bubble burst when a model with the name of Dewanie Catapang revealed something about billboard boy Gaza using her Twitter account and shares her experience with the guy on how he used the social media to allegedly trap and corner celebrities.

She even dug deeper and revealed that she became a part of a project produced by Gaza. Unfortunately, the project was just for show and in reality it was all a scam.

The mystery of the project even went a little too deep when Catapang revealed that one of her friends mentioned a certain Christian Gaza who is asking for donations.

The revelations kept on coming as Catapang claimed that Erich Gonzales was not the first celebrity Gaza got his eyes on and also debunked Gaza’s bucket list post on social media.

To prove that she is telling the truth, Capalang provided numerous screenshots of Gaza’s past posts doing his stunts with other celebrity names like Liza Soberano and Ella Cruz.


But wait, it doesn’t end there. As another person with the name Ryan Salcedo Tañada ranted about Gaza’s ways of business and also revealed some of Gaza’s alleged dirty laundry by posting it on Facebook.

Tañada who is a 29-year old Doha-based realtor and the newest from the Filipino community to join the events management industry in Qatar probably had enough of Gaza’s and finally expresses his thoughts regarding the issue and exposed something about that Xian Gaza guy.


In addition, Jesica Cruz, mother of the Viva talent Ella Cruz took it to her Facebook account and also released her statement against Gaza and has some strong words for the alleged scammer after she claimed that her and her husband were also been victimized by Xian Gaza, according to a report conducted by PEP.

The older Cruz was triggered and didn’t hold back at anything just to squash Gaza. She also said that, the billboard stunt was just his way of making people forget that he is a fraud and all the business he owns is just “monkey business.”

Another netizen with the name Nikka Auckmann-Cafe also shared her story on the Facebook page Senyora‘s comment section while having a conversation with Gaza via Messenger and blasted the guy by calling him a f***boi due to his breezy moves trying to seduce her.

Despite of all the shots fired at him, Xian Gaza finally breaks his silence and tried to defend himself against the people who criticized his work. In his post, he took a stand and sort of debunked everything that has been said against him by addressing them using his Facebook account.


So, which side are you on? You think all the allegations about Gaza were all true? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment.