“Paranoid” girlfriend asks boyfriend to send pictures of him inside the CR to make sure he’s not cheating

We all have that one person who always got us on the palm of their hand no matter how we show how loyal we are to them. A guy on Facebook has posted probably one of the most embarrassing moments of his entire life just to prove to his girlfriend that he is in the restroom and not cheating as “what women always think”.

Cladgedon Argawanon captioned his post with: “HIRAP TALAGA MAG KAGIRLFRIEND NA PRAYING!!” followed up with the hashtag #undernabf to jokingly emphasize how her girlfriend controls his life.

In his post, you can see him having a conversation with his other half on Messenger and quarrel started when Cladgedon is taking way too long to reply and resulted the girlfriend to enrage and ask him what’s taking him so long and where is he at, in which he replied that he is taking a poop along with a selfie.


However, the girl was still not convinced and questioned the guy’s credibility. So, she asked for a wider shot of himself together with the toilet bowl.

As you can see above, this still hasn’t convinced his girlfriend that he is just a home and ask for more pictures and she demanded it to be on landscape using his tripod. This pissed off Cladgedon, yet he still did what she asked him to do.

The embarrassment continues for the shot taken this was still not good enough for the girl and questioned who took the picture suspecting it was his boyfriend’s other woman. In which he sent a selfie of himself alongside his 16 year old brother just to prove he is telling the truth.

Netizens were amused by their screenshot conversation and has made the post viral all over the social media world, specifically on Facebook, earning 98,367 shares as of this writing.