Only people with perfect color vision can pass this test. Are you one of them?

Color Blindness is a very condition among people that some can no longer distinguish if they are color blind or not. Research says that 8% of men and 0.5% of women worldwide have some type of color vision deficiency.

How we see colors also depend on our eyes and brain working together to perceive different properties of light. Here’s a quick color blindness test as compiled by Providr. Only people with perfect color vision would be able to ace without hesitation! Share your results with your friends and compare what you see… and what you can’t!

1.A word is hidden in this image. Can you spot the word TREE here?


2.How about this one? If you saw the word EAT, you are definitely right.


3.The hidden word in this image rhymes with root… did you see BOOT?


4.The hidden word in this image is somehow longer than the previous ones. It describes the taste of your favorite dessert. SWEET!


5. Number five is probably a place where people stroll around… it’s PARK!


6.The sixth word is what the world needs now. LOVE!


7. Quite an easy word but not all can easily spot it in the photo. The word is HAT.


8.Last but not the least. Can you spot the word BEAD in this photo?

Were you able to spot all the words? Well, if you did, you sure have an amazing color perception. But, if you didn’t, which ones stopped you from acing this color vision test?

Share this with your friends so they can test their color vision too!