People who secretly STARING into someone but still got caught by camera

Admit it or not, for more than once in your life you have stared at someone or something for much longer that what is socially acceptable and if you get caught, we can only imagine how embarrassed you must have felt.

However, some people are just too unlucky that their “spur-of-the-moment-awkward-impulsive-staring” has been caught on camera and the internet made it so that everyone can see.

Here is a breakdown of people caught “Staring”:

  • Katy Perry

Just like most ordinary people, sometimes celebs also can’t resists taking a peek at an attractive person. More often than not, they are surrounded by cameras, so you may think that they may be conscious of it but you may want to think otherwise.

During the 2013 Grammys, it seemed as though nobody is capable of taking their eyes away from Katy Perry. Even Elton John was caught having a stare, although one may say that he may only be admiring the exquisite wardrobe choice of Katy.

But, the best photo of the night of someone staring at Katy is this one:

Ellen Degeneres somehow failed to keep her cool as she was caught flat out gawking at Katy Perry’s cleavage despite the fact that her beautiful wife, Portia de Rossi is standing right beside her. It looks like Ellen needs to work out on her Poker face a bit more.

  • Hillary Clinton

A “Staring scandal” may mean a positive news for celebrities, but that means otherwise for politicians. Just like the time when former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton totally got busted scoping out Christina Aguilera. Just like Elton John was staring at Katy Perry, its safe to assume that she was just admiring the singer’s outfit.

Then there’s another presidential candidate, John Kerry. Politicians are always advocates of shaping the minds and future of young voters. But, it looks like Kerry is paying more attention to the shape of this young girl’s appearance. To his defense, we can say that maybe there was just a stain somewhere in the girl’s shirt.

  • Woody Allen

The 81-year old Director has done numerous projects that earned him fame and respect all throughout Hollywood. He claims that he is very shy around all the beautiful actresses that he has worked with and he prefers to admire them from a distance. He claims that he respects their acting abilities, but in more than a few photos, this doesn’t seem to be what he can’t tear his eyes away from.

He seems to have a special appreciation for Scarlet Johansson:

Rachel Mcadams must have gotten his attention:

  • P. Diddy

We found it hard to narrow it down to just one picture of P. Diddy being caught staring at someone! Maybe that is why he is often seen sporting a pair of shades so he can stare with impunity. But, someone should tell P. Diddy that when you’re wearing sunglasses, you can give a girl an ocular patdown without having to move your head.

Apparently, he’s not great at keeping a straight face without them.

Jessica Biel seems blissfully unaware that P. Diddy is giving her the once over.

More can be watched below:

Just a friendly reminder, next time you stare, make sure cameras aren’t present nearby.