Perfectly timed photos that will make you look twice

The social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are more than just a platform where you can communicate with your friends and family wherever they may be in the world or post photos and of our travels and adventures, but it also provides us funny and outrageous stuff we like to laugh ourselves off.

With that said, Facebook page Tee Radio posted a bunch of photos that surely make you look twice upon seeing it due to its incredibly tricky images. We here at Danified have provided these photos for you to see and if you can ever spot what sort of illusion is present in the said photos.

1. This guy here looks pretty sexy, don’t you think?

2. Who’s hugging who?

3. This woman has a leg for an arm, very neat for confrontations

4. That guy on the background has a nice looking bikini booty for his age

5. Did this guy’s head just went in that girl’s?…WTF!

6. He’s got the legs, now all he wants is that outfit

7. Is this dog a cross-breed of a giraffe or what?

8. That’s one long dog

9. This guy’s so lucky he has two companies at night

10. Look! That magazine’s a see-through

11. Where’s your legs?

12. Fly deer fly!

13. Chimera is real. FMA anyone?

Those are just few of the optical illusions you can find on in the internet these days. Did you spot what’s up or your mind is still processing all the trickery?