Photo of a baby went viral after the photographer failed to crop a woman with legs wide open at the background

It’s safe to say that to be a mother is the greatest gift a grown woman could receive. Words could not describe the excitement an expecting mother feels when she is about to or after she gave birth.

Mothers are more proud to share first photo of their babies on their social media accounts to commemorate a gift, no amount of cash could equal.

Surprisingly, one mom forgot to double check a photo she posted online.

At first glance, one could not notice what is wrong with the picture, but if you take a closer look at it, you will see the reason why it became viral.

Take a closer look at the photo below:

Soon after uploading it, the photo quickly went viral as it was shared by  Bubs Warehouse International Facebook page.

Netizens found the photo funny and even shared their own versions of a similar story. Here are some of the comments:

Amanda Wickins: “Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son. My mom did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realising. Yep, I was in the photo.”

Another mom, Monique Louise, said that her partner Marty took a photo of their newborn, and sent it to his dad, not realizing that she was still being stitched up in the background.

Carina Lawless, a netizen, commented, “OMG. … the poor woman … she would have been horrified!”

Although it may be a very embarrassing experience for the mom, she can surely tell this story to her kids in a funny way someday.

Source: The Asia Parent