Photo of “headless” doctor freaks netizens online

The process of taking photos and somehow establishing a documentary for oneself has become a trend for people nowadays. From the moment we wake up every morning up to before we sleep every night, people tend to check their social media accounts and upload a photo of themselves or of people around them.

Some are merely used for amusement purposes while some are for simply being updated with the trend but, not all the photos we take can put a smile on our faces, some may give us chills and make us look at the same photo over and over again.

On April 12, a netizen named Leslie Ursabia posted a photo on her Facebook account, of doctors standing in front of a counter. At first glance, you can see nothing wrong with the photo, just the normal set-up of a hospital with doctors standing and is seemingly talking about something with their colleagues. However, if you take a closer look, you can see that one of the doctors (last person on the left) is missing his head (Goosebumps, ATM). His head seems to have been replaced by a wall clock.

Ursabia captioned the post by saying, “Anong gagawin mo pag ganito yung nakita mo while at the ER at 12mn?
Mag papa ospital ka paba?” On the post, another netizen commented, “I’ll let him see the pic and advise him to be careful and maybe burn his clothes as per old folks belief….

Does this photo gives you chills too?