Pig struggles to fight for his life against a huge snake almost half its cross section size

The social media world went crazy when a video of a pig and a snake went viral on Facebook, but it is not one of those cute things you see on the internet.

In the video posted by a certain Facebook page, you can see the snake wrapping its body around the helpless pig probably wearing it out so that it can devour the pig and make its meal.

Fortunately, the pig was able to escape the wrath of the snake and prevented its demise. Thanks to the man who gunned down the huge snake.

Besides from the camera man, another guy also present during the incident and is pointing a gun against the pig in an attempt to slay the said snake. Moments later, the man finally caught the snake and posed on the camera holding the snake’s head.

As of this writing, the video which was posted last April 13 of this year already earned over 1.3 million views on Facebook and is now considered a viral video.

Watch the full video below.