Pinay OFW murdered by a married boyfriend she met online inside a motel in Camarines Norte

This viral sad story of a love found ‘online’ which resulted to a ‘murder case’ is currently a hot and trending issue online. For people out there, most especially those who are ‘chatting’ and ‘looking’ for ‘relationships’ online, this article must be a good reminder for you.

We are always inspired by love stories and narratives we read, see, and watch online most especially if these are cases of love found on the social media–from mere strangers, to chat mates and real life couple. We are moved by how they are changed by the cyber space for the better and how they see the wondrous life made by God. But this case is exactly the difference.

Most of us know that our modern-day heroes, our migrant workers are doing their very best just to earn money and provide their families a good future. Unfortunately in this case, all her hardships were just thrown into trash.

According to the report of OFW Update Site, this 32-year-old migrant worker Sarah Mae Cabatingan was based on Saudi Arabia, but finally decided to ‘secretly’ come home and meet her online lover, 48-year-old Cesar Sullivan Jr. at a motel in Daet, Camarines Norte. Her family didn’t even know that she came home to the Philippines.

According to the motel staff upon the investigation conducted by the police, Cesar asked to ‘extend’ their stay for two hours. The staff then knocked on their door the following day but received no answer from the two. It was when they opened the door that they discovered Sarah’s body under the bed and bundled inside the motel’s blanket. Sarah, according to the investigation, has died from multiple stab wounds.

Cesar surrendered out of extreme guilt, arguing that Sarah wouldn’t accept the truth that he was already ‘married’ with six children. They have arrived to a heated argument, and it resulted to the bloody murder case. What a very sad and enraging story.

The authorities are now warning people especially those who are addicted in the use of social networking sites to avoid in engaging with strangers that they just met online.

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