Pinay who received a Christmas box from an American boy marries him 14 years later

During Christmas time, it has been a tradition for the Americans to send their so called “Samaritan’s Purse” to less fortunate kids in other countries such as the Philippines. The said Samaritan’s Purse is a box containing goodies that will serve as a gift to that lucky receiver.

One of these Samaritan Purses paved the way to a love story that is somehow worthy of being featured in a movie.

Rachfeed reported that back in the year 2000, a young Tyrel Wolfe from Idaho filled his very own Samaritan’s purse with some goodies. He also placed a photo of himself together with his name and complete address at the back portion of the photo.

The box that Tyrel prepared eventually made its way to a young girl named Joana.

Joana Marchan tried to send a letter to Tyrel to thank him for the gift she received but the letter did not reach Tyrel for some unknown reason.

After 14 long years, the already grown up Joana tried to search for Tyrel via social media. She was able to find him on Facebook. However, Tyrel ignored Joana’s friend request for months until he eventually accepted her and the two became friends.

They started chatting with one another and Joana told the story about the Samaritan Purse that she received. Soon, the two became good friends and later their friendship grew into romance.

Tyrel decided to visit the Philippines and it was during this time that the two truly fell in love with each other. Joana admitted that when they first met, she cried because she felt an “amazing feeling” when she finally saw his face in person.

Tyrel believes that their love story is not just another pental tale but it was all part of their destiny.

Watch the full video below: