Once plus-sized woman inspires thousands with her jaw-dropping transformation in 5 years

Some people tend to insult and humiliate others for their own convenience, even going deeper as to calling them names. These often happens to plus sized people, although men has a similar case as women have, girls with extra weight suffer more hurtful teases and worst, they are getting ignored by men.

Well, a netizen named Rizza Jane Robles Paragas has shared her story about being ignored by boys because of her weight and plus-sized appearance and oddly enough, it is now going on social media.

Riza Jane then posted a series of her incredible transformation from year 2012 up to the present. Comparing her old photos from 2012 to the ones in the present, you can clearly see how hard she worked out to get rid of those unwanted fats. In the post, she also claimed that due to her massive appearance, she never had a suitor even once.

The post gained admiration from thousands netizens and sees her as an inspiration for them to achieve the body they all desire if only they work hard enough and set their minds on reaching that goal. Riza proved that there is always hope if only you believe in yourself.

Don’t blink before seeing her latest photo.