Poor man accidentally scratches a BMW, leaves a note outside the car and was surprised with what the owner said

Everyone dreams of owning their dream car. So when a person manages to own one, they make sure that extra care is given to the car. Cars are even often treated as part of the whole family especially if it is a luxury brand because the repair cost alone could already require thousands of money.

While it is a fact that there are many people who run away after accidentally scratching a car, this old man just proves that there are still people who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

According to Viral 4 Real, It all started one morning when a man named Qinlong decided to take his children out for a walk. While they were having a good time, he accidentally scratched the BMW that was parking nearby.

So, being the responsible person that he is, he even left a note on the BMW’s windshield.  Qinlong asked for an apology and wrote that he did not work that moment because his business went bankrupt. His family was having a financial crisis and he only had 100 Yuan. However, he promised to pay for the cost in a few months if the owner would allow so.

Using another phone, the luxury car owner called Qinlong to make sure he really is willing to pay. At first, he told Qinlong that the scratched car was a Benz. Qinlong then gave an honest reply to the car’s owner. He was panicking, “Are you a friend of the car owner? Can you help me find the owner? I need to tell the owner that I accidentally scratched his car and I am willing to pay for the damage.”

The car owner told Qinlong that the repair cost would be about 1900 Yuan and even decided that he would no longer make the old man pay because he feels pity towards him.

However, Qinlong refused to agree and said, “I have scratched your car and I really need to pay for the damage. I do not want to go against my life principle!”

The luxury car owner was really touched by Qinlong’s gesture that he even decided to help Qinlong in his financial struggle by offering him a job.