Poor man gets an unexpected reward after returning a wallet full of cash

Kindness is sort of a rare case in today’s society. Some people think highly of themselves and just loves looking down on other people, most especially to those who are not that so fortunate in life. This is true in some ways, but you’d be surprise what people like these are going through and if what kind of person they really are.

With that said, a story of this once poor and homeless Thai national will surely touch your heart after you find out that his simple act of kindness changed his life for the better.

According to a Facebook user named Tarika Patty, the unknown homeless man had returned her boyfriends wallet which contains about THD 20,000 (₱30,348) and a credit card. Although in cases like this, there are some people who would just leave it where they saw it, turn it over to security and the worst case scenario is to keep it for themselves.


You might think that because of his current situation, that he will keep the money for himself, but you thought wrong, for he did the unthinkable and helped the authorities to track down the wallet’s owner in which he successfully did. Due to this man’s honesty, the owner was so grateful towards the homeless man and rewarded him with something that could change his entire life forever.

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For starters, the owner’s girlfriend expressed her gratitude by giving him a job, so that he can finally earn some money for himself. It didn’t end there though, for the once homeless man was also given a place he can call home and will no longer stay on the streets.

This man’s story tells everyone that having lots of money is nothing compare a person who has a good heart who is willing to help others.