Popular vlogger Wil Dasovich reveals of being diagnosed with cancer in a heartbreaking video

Popular Youtube Vlogger, commercial model, and a former housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Wil Dasovich revealed in his most recent video that he was diagnosed with cancer.

In the most recent video he uploaded on his official Youtube channel, Wil revealed that he actually had a cancer as what the doctors told him through a phone call.

A report of ABSCBN News details that Wil went to the US recently to have medical advice after suffering from internal bleeding.

It is not yet cleat how bad it is but Wil included on his latest video that he was on a hospital bed with a few apparatus attached to his body.

Despite of being sick, Wil is still being himself as what his followers know him, a happy and energetic vlogger.

Watch the sad revelation on the video below: