This portrait is perfectly painted up to the model’s single pore

Have you ever seen an artwork that just simply looks so real that you couldn’t even believe you own eyes? Well, here goes one.

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This piece of artwork is now making rounds online not just because of the gorgeous lady that is painted but because the painting itself just looks so real.

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Even when the artwork is zoomed, it still shows vivid details like it really is the face of a human being. From its colors to even the cracks of the skin on the cheeks and lips.

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Given that the painting is a 3-dimensional art, from the minute details of the messy hair, the neatly shaped eyebrows, the long eyelashes, the color of the eyes, the nose, the colored cheeks and the intricately shaped lips are just perfection.

The talented artist responsible for the awesome work of art is named Marco Grassi.

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Marco’s artwork that went viral were posted by the Facebook page Do. and it instantly went viral. Netizens were amused with the way the artworks are made. As of writing time, the said post already gained more than 23,000 reactions with over 33,000 shares and more than 1,500 comments.

People are expressing their amusement toward the art and some even said that the photos are just too realistic. There are also other who say that the artwork could sell for a significantly huge amount given that it really looks like a real thing.

So, I bet somebody out there would be more than willing to be painted by Marco too. Would you mind raising your hands?